Rest in Peace, Steve Grimmett!2022.08.16

Steve, thank you for the great music and friendship!

The great legendary singer Steve Grimmett passed away suddenly yesterday. We did his Japan tour in 2013 as THE SANITY DAYS.
For us, Steve was not only an idol, but also a legendary singer who showed us his voice, his spirit of challenge in music, and his never-give-up attitude. And he was one of the few musicians who showed us that he genuinely loved heavy metal music off stage as like a child.

Since then, there has been relationship also and Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPER’s album “Walking In The Shadows” and son Russ’s band LIFE OF A HERO’s album “Letting Go” have been released in Japan from us.

We extend our condolences to his wife and Russ, and his whole family and band members.

私たちは2013年にTHE SANITYS DAYSとして彼の日本ツアーを行いました。


その後もご縁があり、Steve Grimmett’s GRIM REAPERのアルバム「Walking In The Shadows」、息子ラス・グリメットのバンドLIFE OF A HEROのアルバム「Letting Go」が日本で弊社からリリースされました。



See You In Hell!!