RUNNING WILD2017.04.15

Rock ‘N’ Rolf

1984 Gates To Purgatory
1985 Branded And Exiled
1987 Under Jolly Roger
1988 Ready For Boarding (live), Port Royal
1989 Death Or Glory
1991 Blazon Stone, The First Years of Piracy (best of)
1992 Pile Of Skulls
1994 Black Hand Inn
1995 Masquerade
1998 The Rivalry, The Story of Jolly Roger (best of)
2000 Victory
2002 The Brotherhood, Live (live)
2003 20 Years In History (best of)
2005 Rogues en Vogue
2006 Best Of Adrian (best of)
2011 The Final Jolly Roger (live)
2012 Shadowmaker
2013 Resilient